New Pfizer product given FDA approval

05-08-2008 | |

The FDA recently approved new EXCENEL® RTU EZ (ceftiofur hydrochloride) Sterile Suspension to treat and control metritis, bovine and swine respiratory disease and foot rot.

With easy administration, EXCENEL RTU EZ supplies producers with the same efficacy as EXCENEL RTU in a tissue-friendly, low-volume dose. The new formulation, available in 100 mL vials and featuring a new yellow skirt colour, adds flexibility to management and treatment programs due to the easier syringeability and ready-to-use packaging, flexible dosing and short, pre-slaughter withdrawal.

In swine, EXCENEL RTU EZ has been approved for the treatment and control of the major causes of swine respiratory disease in growing and finishing pigs. Its improved formulation makes intramuscular injections easier for user convenience and effectively kills bacteria with no appreciable change in susceptibility in targeted swine pathogens.

This fast-acting formula covers the entire treatment interval until the next administration. EXCENEL RTU EZ is a great anti-infective option in the late finishing stage because it provides quick absorption in tissue and a short four-day pre-slaughter withdrawal time.

EXCENEL RTU EZ establishes therapeutic concentrations in as little as one hour to effectively treat a broad spectrum of pathogens that cause bacterial respiratory disease in swine; metritis, shipping fever, pneumonia and foot rot in dairy cows; and bovine respiratory disease in cattle.

EXCENEL RTU EZ should be administered subcutaneously (cattle) or intramuscularly (swine) and requires no refrigeration or reconstitution. The product can be administered daily or every other day in cattle and should be administered daily for three consecutive days in swine.

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