New outbreak swine fever in Romania

19-10-2007 | |

Local veterinary authorities in eastern Romania announced yesterday that around 2,500 pigs will be slaughtered next week following the discovery of swine fever in a nature park.

According to the head of the local veterinary authority, Gicu Dragan, the outbreak was discovered last week and the slaughter will begin on Monday.

The pigs are wild and come from private farms around the park near Bralia.

Blow to authorities
This comes as a further blow to Romanian authorities who had initially announced in June that they had eradicated the disease after discovering 716 cases in 2006.

50.000 pigs, however, were slaughtered on three farms belonging to the US company Smithfield in August after swine fever was discovered there.

Brussels decided last month to extend its embargo on Romanian pork until the end of 2009.

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