New graduate joins Provimi swine team

05-01-2012 | |
New graduate joins Provimi swine team

Kelly Vermeer has joined Provimi as technical sales manager swine for the Mediterranean region. She graduated from Wageningen University with a degree in animal sciences and completed a Masters in November 2011.

“My main responsibility is the sale of swine products in Italy and Spain and technical support at farm level,” says Kelly, who is currently based in Rotterdam but will eventually spend about 40% of her time ‘on the road’ and visiting key customers in the two Mediterranean countries.
“I also work with the product management and product development teams to make sure that we are providing the most suitable and relevant products and services to our customers in this region.”
Kelly’s studies, which specialised in adaptation physiology, and particularly sow fertility, are supported by a wealth of practical experience. She spent more than five years on a sow breeding farm with Topigs in the Netherlands. Her Master’s thesis, ‘Factors influencing seasonal infertility in sows; an observational study’, involved practical analysis on a sow unit in the south of the Netherlands and she also completed a project on the opportunities for housing pigs outdoors.

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