New fan cools in open pig structures

27-08-2007 | |

Swedish fan producer Munters has launched the Euroemme® MFS fan series for livestock buildings.

The new series is designed to meet the demands of livestock cooling and ventilation in open structures by fulfilling two main objectives: the first is to circulate air within livestock structures to maintain an acceptable air quality.

The second is to create a wind chill effect over the animals to ensure sufficient heat removal from their skins.

Achieving these functions can be a noisy business due to the ventilation process, but the this series, optimised with top aerodynamic performance, operates with minimal noise, avoiding unnecessary stress on livestock.

Test chamber
With the aid of an on-site test chamber, the company’s design engineers have managed to achieve a combination of high airflow, air speed and efficiency, together with a low noise level.

Additional MFS features include a statically and dynamically balanced propeller; a cast aluminium propeller hub offering the best possible protection of bearings; oversized and permanently sealed bearings for a long and trouble-free service life; a belt drive for lowering propeller speed and thereby reducing noise; and a high performance electrical motor.

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