Netherlands: heavy price rise for Aujeszky tests

20-05-2009 | |

Costs for testing pig blood on Aujeszky’s Disease have risen sharply as from May 1st in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch Board for Livestock and Eggs (PVE).

The Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reported that cost rises of approximately 100% are possible, although there can be differences in tariff rises between laboratories, but. Research costs per sample can amount to €5.

Article 10 status
The heavy increase is related to the Dutch obtaining an article 10 status, which means that the Netherlands is officially Aujeszky-free. Hence, the obligation has been lifted for producers to have their animal tested for Aujeszky’s prior to exporting. Labs now only receive half of the number of samples they used to receive.

Testing methods have changed as well. Until January 1, when the Netherlands still had an article 9 status, the testing could not tell the whether the presence of antigenes was related to an infection or to a vaccination. The article 10 status requires that this difference can be detected – tests like these, however, are more expensive.

All pig producing facilities throughout the country are compelled to regularly take blood samples from their animals. Top pyramid producers (GGP and GP facilities, as well as gilt breeders and piglet breeders) have to submit 12 samples for research every month. All other sites will have to do that with three samples every four months.

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