Munters: new chimney fan for pig houses

15-10-2007 | |
Munters: new chimney fan for pig houses

Munters has announced the launch of the new pighouse chimney fan series.

This new product is designed to perform well under strenuous conditions in ventilating closed livestock structures especially during cold periods where prevention of drafts and a low rate of air extraction are required.

The company has also designed these fans to be mounted on the roof, extracting stale air from the structures while also serving as a back-up ventilation system in the event of power failure.

To prevent suffocation of the animals, the butterfly damper and air inlets of the fans can be opened by battery power.

In the construction of the main body of the fans, high quality polyethylene has been used, which is highly resistant to extreme climate conditions. In addition, noise levels are very low from the product, thus not disturbing the animals.

The product has passed all the tests of the Danish National Institute of Agricultural Engineers.

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