Mud-shy pig given wellies

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A pig in North Yorkshire, England, has been diagnosed with mysophobia, a fear of dirt, and her owners have gone to extreme measures to combat the phobia.

Cinderella’s owners, Debbie and Andrew Keeble, were baffled by her reluctance to hit the mud when she and her siblings were let out into the fields. “When the batch ventured away from their mother, Cinders just stood at the edge of her sty shaking while the others explored,” said Debbie.

“We thought it was just that she didn’t want to leave the sty or the sow, but we soon noticed if we moved them to where there wasn’t any mud, she happily left it and roamed around without any nonsense.”

Green Wellies
Andrew, added, “We scratched our heads a bit but then we thought, we wouldn’t go in the mud bare-footed, so why not try some wellies?” Cinderella’s green wellies designed by a friend of the couple, are made of rubber and have been created with no footwell so that her trotters slip straight in.

Cinderella took to her trotterwear so keenly that she has been recruited to act as a mascot in the campaign to highlight the plight of British pig farmers.

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Mud-Shy pig given wellies
11-06-2008 | Expert opinion

Mud-Shy pig given wellies