Major UK supermarket’s pork sausages ad banned

06-10-2011 | |

The advertisement for the sausages ‘Butchers Choice’ has been banned, this comes amidst claims that the pigs were raised indoors for their meat.

The advertisement shows pigs in a field and hay barn with a door opened, the pigs make their way down a country lane.

There were complaints that the pigs used to make the sausage were indoor reared pigs.

According to Tesco the meat used for the sausage comes from pigs that were born outdoors and “finished” indoors. The supermarket giant also said that the farm shown in the ad was a supplier.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) stated that the ad is deceptive because viewers could see the ad as if the pigs’ were unrestricted and they had access to outdoor fields, which is not true.

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