Lower mortality rates observed with Draxxin

29-06-2007 | |

A recent study showed that a single dose of Draxxin (tulathromycin) Injectable Solution has a significant effect on death loss on crossbred pigs.

In the study 240 seven-week-old crossbred pigs were separated into groups of 40 pigs each and given a dose of the medicine in one of six treatment timings. Draxxin was given to the groups of pigs in a dose of 2.5 mg/kg intramuscularly at either 11, 9, 7, 5, or 3 days. The pigs were then introduced to pneumonia virus.

Lower mortality
Mortality was lowered in all groups that used the Draxxin. A control group had a 32.5 percentage loss. Pigs receiving Draxxin 11 days before being subjected to the pneumonia had a mortality rate of 20%. This is not considered to be significantly different than the control, however. All other groups did have significantly lower death losses when compared to the control group.

The pigs that received the medicine 9 days, 7 days and 5 days before being introduced to pneumonia had a 7.5% mortality rate. Those pigs that were treated at 3 days before being exposed to the pathogen had a 2.5% death rate.

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