IRTA & ITPSA develop Salmonella preventative

25-06-2008 | |
IRTA & ITPSA develop Salmonella preventative

Salmonellosis is a zoonosis that affects humans worldwide producing intestinal disorders of high-risk to specific segments of population, such as the elderly, children and infants.

Approximately 30% of livestock individuals are considered carriers and, therefore, potential transmitters of the Salmonella bacterium to foods (meat, eggs and milk).

European Union
The European Union is dedicating huge efforts to eradicate Salmonellosis by isolating and sacrificing affected herds and flocks since the use of antibiotics, as a preventive agent, is forbidden and, thus, the therapeutic possibilities to prevent this illness at farm level are practically non-existent, limiting current prevention to hygiene and handling measures. 

On this point, the research carried on at the Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology (IRTA), in collaboration with the company Industrial Técnica Pecuaria, S.A. (ITPSA), has allowed the joint development of an innovative product for the prevention of Salmonella, which has lead to an international patent and which will be commercialized throughout the world by ITPSA under the trademark Salmosan.  This new product is an important step as to the availability of a prophylactic and effective tool against Salmonella.

Salmosan offers specific guaranties to control Salmonella on livestock, basing its preventive effect in 5 points:
It is a 100% natural vegetal product, obtained through the technological treatment of fractioning and purification.
The technological process which the product undergoes accomplishes a polysaccharides structure that blocs the fimbrial adhesion of the bacterium to the intestinal enterocytes.
Accomplishment of a real and irreversible effect on Salmonella, causing its elimination from the intestinal tract.
The product acts directly in the animal’s intestine, without the mediation of metabolites.
Due to the technological process in its fabrication, it is an active product.

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