Inquiry: 75% of the Dutch favour livestock reform

26-09-2006 | |

Almost three out of four Dutchmen favour a more animal and environmentally friendly approach in intensive livestock industry.

Research by bureau TNS Nipo, initiated by Milieudefensie, a Dutch environmental organisation, shows that people are not very happy with the intensive livestock industry, says Wouter van Eck, campaign leader.
However, one could have a good discussion about the research’s conclusions, said chairman Wyno Zwanenburg of the Dutch union for the pig industry.


“I think the actual market is a better place to find out whether people support intensive livestock industry,” Zwanenburg says. “When I do that, I reach the conclusion that many programmes for more environmentally or animal friendly meat are dependent on subsidies, since the consumer refuses to pay for it.”
Milieudefensie says the inquiry backs their points of view and will now address the Dutch parliament.
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