Holland: plans for energy producing pig house

19-02-2010 | |

Dutch scientists have made their first steps towards developing an energy-neutral or even energy producing pig house.

A©project towards developing such a pig house received subsidies this week. Several pilot projects will be set up at the pig trial facility in Sterksel, the Netherlands, part of the Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), and aim to inspire producers.

Study topics
Potential studies could deal with:

* New techniques for litter heating. Scientists consider using hogs’ body temperatures for warming up suckling pigs by floor heating.

* The application of small wind turbines on top of pig houses. In addition, a wind turbine could be located in the air stream exiting a ventilating system.

* The use of LED lights in pig houses could seriously save money and energy.

* Energy generation from animal movements, like a rooting system disguised as distraction material.

The researchers aim to gather experiences and find out which techniques deserve further trials.

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