Free PorkCast webinar addresses ventilation

14-08-2008 | |

Emergency Ventilation and Properly Ventilating Barns When Emptying Manure Storage Pits is the topic of an Aug. 20 PorkCast webinar.

As pork and other livestock producers begin preparing to empty manure pits and apply manure to fields this autumn, a big concern is protecting people and pigs by ensuring that pit pumping procedures allow for adequate ventilation. Ideally, barns are empty when agitating and pumping pits, but in most cases, this is not practical.

Presenter Mike Brumm of Brumm Swine Consultancy Inc., will address barn and ventilation management practices that can significantly reduce the risk of worker and animal asphyxiation. Information on connecting via the Internet to the upcoming PorkCast presentation, along with accessing past programs, is available here.

PorkCast is a quarterly online seminar series that provides pork producers timely information in an efficient manner. The Minnesota Pork Board and University of Minnesota Extension Swine program sponsor the PorkCast presentations.

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