Four countries remove bans on pork import from Mexico

13-05-2009 | |

Ecuador, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and Honduras have taken away the temporary bans on pork imports which come from Mexico, according to the Economy Ministry.

According to a report by xinhuanet, the four countries mentioned above have positively responded to the ministry’s request to lift their bans.
The bans were put into place following the A/H1N1 flu broke out in Mexico late last month.
Breaking international treaties
Gerardo Ruiz Mateos, Mexico’s Economy Minister sent letters to his counterparts in the four nations, wanting clarification for the nature of the import bans and stating that they broke international treaties by placing such bans.
The ministry said that it would use all means of persuasion at its disposal in an efforts remove the bans. It also said in a statement that it would persist with its efforts to make sure that no new unjust measures were imposed.