FMD in Taiwanese slaughterhouse: Over a 1,000 pigs culled

13-12-2011 | |

Just over 1,000 swine in a Taiwanese slaughterhouse had to be culled when one of them was found infected with Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), the international Animal Health Organization (OIE) reports.

The Foot-and-Mouth Disease outbreak was discovered on December 7th in a slaughterhouse in Taoyuan county, located in the Lujhu township – just west of the country’s capital city Taipei. In total 1,013 pigs were culled.
According to a report, sent to the OIE on Dec 12, one pig with vesicular lesions was found in a detention pen (only one pig in that pen) of the slaughterhouse. The report stated: “Samples for virus detection were collected and sent to the national laboratory (Animal Health Research Institute). The prefecture animal disease control competent authority immediately destroyed the pig. Cleaning and disinfection were implemented in the index slaughterhouse. Positive results of the tests were obtained by national laboratory confirming that the pig was infected with FMD serotype O.
“The prefecture animal disease control competent authority traced back to the farm of origin. The clinical investigation showed that all pigs on farm were healthy. Samples from the farm of origin were collected for serological tests and virus isolation. Movement control of all pigs on the farm of origin was implemented. The serological test and virus detection of the farm of origin of the affected pig are under way.”
Apart from stamping out, control measures used include quarantine, movement control, screening, disinfection of infected premises. No vaccination is being used.
FMD is an OIE listed disease.
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