eYeScan growth monitor for constant certainty of the growth of your fatteners

04-04-2010 | |

Do you sometimes wonder if your fatteners are growing enough? And can you predict the end weight early in the cycle? Or would you rather be surprised at the end? At VIV Europe 2010 Fancom will introduce eYeScan, an automatic growth monitor for fatteners. eYeScan uses camera technology in the house.

An image scan is made each time a pig starts eating, enabling the computer to accurately calculate the animal’s weight.©This process is entirely automatic, labour saving and stress-free for the animals.
Reliable insight into growth
eYeScan consists of a computer with a special image processing module and maximum 8 cameras. Each image scan is automatically filtered by digital processing and compared to an arithmetic model. There are simple calibration possibilities for correcting breed traits, so the weight is calculated with a maximum deviation of 3%
Integrated solution
eYeScan allows the behaviour of a group of fatteners to be followed from day to day. Graphs and tables clearly illustrate the increasing line in the average growth of the animals. eYeScan is part of the Fancom’s integrated automation solution. Animal producers have complete control of their operational management thanks to intelligent systems for climate control, feed automation, biometrics and data management. This translates into increased profitability and enhanced animal welfare

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