EU tackles swine fever in Slovak Republic

17-04-2008 | |

The European Commission has adopted urgent protection measures to stop the spread of classical swine fever (CSF), after an outbreak was reported in the Slovak Republic last weekend.

The highly contagious and usually fatal disease was detected on a farm in the Slovakian district of Levice.

Emergency measures have been introduced – no pigs can be transported between pig farms in the country, or to other EU Member States or countries outside the Union. The same measures will also apply to other pig products such as semen and embryos.

However, the movement ban may not apply to pigs due to be slaughtered within Slovakia.

The Commission has also provided information on its ‘TRACES’ system, an internet network bringing together veterinary authorities and businesses in all Member States to help track the movements of traded and imported animals and products, so authorities can react quickly in the event of an emergency.

The Commission can track pigs transported from the Slovak Republic to other Member States and third countries before the detection of the disease, in order that controls can be carried out on these animals.

The situation will be reviewed at an extraordinary meeting of the EU’s Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health Monday next.

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