Der Spiegel: ‘war’ between pork processors

02-10-2007 | |

The German magazine Der Spiegel writes this week that Dutch meatpacking company Vion was involved in reporting fraud at the company’s competitor Tönnies to the German justice ministry.

The report led to an investigation into the German meatpacker Tönnies’ activities last month. According to the magazine, Vion notified the German justice ministry after an attempt to purchase Tönnies failed.

Allegedly, the Dutch company tried to takeover its rival in the German pork market last year, but the Germans turned this offer down.

Ever since then, a war between the companies has been raging, Der Spiegel writes on the basis of own research.

The German pig producers’ organisation ISN says that Der Spiegel finally has uncovered a story that has been rumoured for a long time.

Officially, it was said that the investigations launched against Tönnies was a action of personal revenge by an ex-employee, who was said to be have been fired because he would have cheated the company for about €700,000.

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