Wrapping up February: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up February: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up February: What s new in the world of pigs?

Big Data and sensor technology increasingly make their entry into the global swine business, so much became clear from this month’s news releases shared with Pig Progress. In addition, in February a tree was planted to celebrate the take-over by Adisseo of Nutriad.

Cargill invests in facial recognition for pigs

First, some Big Data news: Cargill teams up with Irish startup Cainthus, a company providing facial recognition software and analytics can help dairy and soon also pig farmers. In 2015, the system was first used at a dairy farm near Ottawa, Canada. Cargill has been working with Cainthus on a trial involving pigs. The company expects to have a viable system by the end of 2018.

Munters launches IoT solution in farms and plants

Air and climate treatment company Munters has launched an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) solution through their products, using new technology in order to shape the future of how business in the farming industry connect. The new Echo/Sonar solution was launched at the IPPE in Atlanta, GA, USA in January. Echo is an on-farm wireless sensor technology; Sonar is analysis software, developed and supported by newly acquired MTech Systems.

Indiana pig delegation visits UK

A delegation of Indiana manufacturers, engineers, specialists pig farmers travelled to the UK recently to learn more about precision pig farming. They paid a visit to Farmex and Dicam Technology. Farmex systems are already widely used in Nebraska and, following acquisitions, interest has been created in Indiana which, with over 4 million pigs, is the 5th largest pig-producing state in the USA.

Vion Pork starts pilot with long term price

In March 2018, processor Vion Pork will launch a pilot for closed pig farms with the Vion long-term price system (LTP). With the LTP system, Vion is offering a new tool for risk management. The Vion long-term price is fixed for a certain period of time. By making arrangements with feed suppliers about fixing the feed price for that same period, pig farmers can fix their margins for pigs in the pilot. The Vion LTP is based on the MAS Index.

Photo: Vion

Photo: Vion

Trouw Nutrition teams up with Dutch Sprouts

Animal nutrition company Trouw Nutrition teamed up with Dutch Sprouts, developer of the SoilCares handheld scanner, to develop the ‘NutriOpt On-site Adviser’. This innovation enables livestock specialists to analyse all kind of raw materials, silages and feeds for a large range of nutrients with a mobile NIR on-site and in real-time. The mobile phone app connects the scanner to the Trouw Nutrition’s Nutrition Database and advises on the nutritional value.

Photo: Trouw Nutrition

Photo: Trouw Nutrition

Partnership between PIC China and Giantstar

With that, let’s take a look at a series of cooperations that were announced. PIC China and Chinese agricultural company Giantstar signed a multi-year deal to develop a new 50,000 sow breeding system. This agreement will expand the Giantstar business and strengthen PIC’s footprint in China. An important element of the deal will be a stocking of a Giantstar nucleus farm with Great Grand Parent (GGP) animals. The animals will be imported from the US.

Photo: Pic

Photo: Pic

Neovia teams up with Naturex

Feed additive company Neovia and Naturex have announced the closing of a long-term research partnership. It will enable joint research to develop new natural and innovative solutions that meet the needs of the animal nutrition and health market. Naturex is specialised in the production and marketing of natural ingredients, based in Avignon, France.

DSM and Evonik establish Veramaris JV

DSM and Evonik have established Veramaris for the production of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from natural marine algae for animal feed. The 50:50 joint venture is headquartered at the DSM Biotech Campus in Delft, the Netherlands. The company’s product, an algal oil, will enable the production of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA without using fish oil. Construction of the US$ 200 million production facility at the Evonik site in Blair, NB, USA, is proceeding according to plan. The algal oil will be ready for sale in 2019.

Protix and Hendrix Genetics join forces

Protix, producer of insect protein production, and animal genetics company Hendrix Genetics teamed up to develop an insect breeding programme. The programme aims to further improve the potential of insects as an efficient protein converter from feedstock to ingredient. Founded on the achievements made in the production of black soldier flies, the new collaboration will further deepen the potential of insects as a source of high-quality nutrition.

Adisseo finalises Nutriad acquisition

Adisseo, part of Bluestar, has completed the acquisition of Belgium-based feed additives producer Nutriad. Nutriad operates 4 laboratories and 5 plants located in Belgium, Spain, the UK, China and the USA. The company’s product ranges are considered to be highly complementary. In a symbolic act, the CEOs of both companies (Jean-Marc Dublanc and Erik Visser) joined in a tree planting ceremony.

Photo: Adisseo

Photo: Adisseo

Vaxxinova acquires Laboratório Biovet and Epitopix

Animal health company Vaxxinova, part of the EW Group and headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, has acquired 2 new companies. The company added 60-year old Brazilian animal health company Laboratório Biovet, located in São Paulo (pictured). In addition, Vaxxinova also acquired Epitopix, an animal health company specialised in biologicals and founder of SRP technology. Epitopix is located in Willmar, MN, USA.



GEA cooling systems for pork production in Russia

Russian pig slaughter and processing entity Agroeco-Yug has signed a contract with German technology group GEA for the supply of a cooling system. This plant will be built in the Voronezh region and will be one of Russia’s largest firms for the slaughter and processing of pigs. The slaughter line’s processing rate will be 600 pigs per hour. It is planned for 2020.

Hypor signs long-term breeding contract

Earlier this year, pig breeder Hypor signed a long-term contract with a new Great Grandparent (GGP) nucleus farm in France for their Hypor Large White. The farm (SCEA du Bois de Thiouzée) is owned by Bertrand Tirel, one of the most experienced nucleus breeders in the country.

HKScan to launch JV in China

HKScan will launch premium-category 100% Finnish pork products to the Chinese market. On 26 February 2018, HKScan signed an agreement to establish a joint venture in China with Zhejiang Qinglian Food. HKScan plans to establish a new footprint on the Chinese market with premium-category, value-added products such as sirloin and tenderloin. The offering will consist of tender and tasty Rypsiporsas (Omega-3 Pork) products, rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Photo: HKScan

Photo: HKScan

Nuscience enters Canadian market under Biotica brand

Nuscience, part of the Royal Agrifirm Group, will introduce its feed technology portfolio into the Canadian market, under the Biotica product brand via strategic marketing partnership with Canadian Bio-Systems. The launch of Biotica introduces Nuscience feed technology across Canadian animal sectors, offering producers and industry fresh solutions.

No US acquisition for Stonehaven

Swiss-based Stonehaven Consulting announced that following a period of due diligence it has decided not to proceed with its acquisition of US based Brakke Consulting. Brian Kopp, partner at Stonehaven said that the company would continue with plans to expand its business in the global arena.

Jyden’s Chinese subsidiary expands

Danish equipment producer Jyden aims to grow its Chinese subsidiary from 5 to 10 employees during 2018. Late 2017, the company had the biggest order in its history, sold by Jyden Animal Housing China, only a few months after its establishment in Qingdao – encouraging the growth.

Biomin expands in Benelux

Animal nutrition firm Biomin will build out its local presence in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The company recently created a local business unit in Uden, the Netherlands, that affords a central base for on-site visits and customer support throughout the area. The company first became commercially available in the Benelux around 1997.

Photo: Biomin

Photo: Biomin

Niacet re-enters the animal feed market

Organic salt producer Niacet will re-enter the animal feed markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa as well as the Asia-Pacific with its Calprona line of products, as from 1 March 2018. The portfolio consists of: calcium propionate, sodium propionate, calcium acetate, magnesium acetate and zinc acetate. Also for the Americas, the company stated it will re-launch activities in animal feed. The products are used for spoilage prevention, feed-safety and animal health.

Amlan: Patent in China for gut health formula

Some product news now: Amlan International recently received a patent in China for its intestinal health products. The products have 3 distinct modes of action that work together to strengthen the animal’s gut environment. Patents for the same formulas are currently pending in e.g. the USA. The patents include NeoPrime, which stimulates a healthy gut environment and primes the immune system for improved post-weaning piglet performance.

Purina reformulates UltraCare nursery feeds

To support feed intake and better pig performance at a lower price, Purina Animal Nutrition has reformulated its UltraCare nursery feeds in the USA. The company also has added swine nursery feeds formulated without antibiotics or animal byproducts as an option to the UltraCare feeds line, which is part of the wean-to-finish Progress to Profit Program.

Photo: Purina

Photo: Purina

Agrifirm introduces ‘UniQ’ piglet concept

Agrifirm has introduced ‘UniQ’: a combination of feed lines, piglet scanning, high-quality advice and performance monitoring for the highest-quality piglet. In partnership with Nuscience, Agrifirm developed an extensive feed package for piglets. This comprises 5 new and integrated feed lines from farrowing pen to delivery in which uniform raw material use and taste recognition for piglets contribute to a smooth transition and better performance.

PRRS resistance implemented in breeding value

Topigs Norsvin has recently implemented selection for increased natural resistance to PRRS by using the WUR SNP in breeding value estimation. The WUR SNP is a genetic marker for a major gene associated with natural resistance to PRRS. Research trials demonstrated that pigs with the favourable WUR genotype were more resistant to PRRS as a result of lower virus load and greater ADG upon challenge with the PRRS virus.

The company also announced to have found new genes that influence the occurrence of boar taint. The genes influence the level of skatole, one of the hormones that cause boar taint. Boar taint can be further reduced by breeding with animals that do not have these genes.

Anco wins award in Poland

During the Ferma animal production trade show in Lodz, Poland, mid-February, Anco Fit was awarded as the best innovation 2018 by the organisers DLG Agro Food. Anco Fit, a feed supplement, is the newest addition to the product portfolio of Anco Animal Nutrition Competence.

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