Danish merger represents from ‘farm to fork’

17-03-2009 | |

Danish agriculture organisations Landbrugsraadet (The Danish Agricultural Council) and Dansk Landbrug (Danish Agriculture) are to merge with Danish Meat Association (DMA) to create a new organisation representing the industry from ‘farm to fork’.

The main rationale for change is to streamline the operations of the organisations currently representing Danish agriculture and the food industry and, at the same time, delivering a more efficient service for its members.

The new organisation will work closely with both the Government and the industry itself to identify solutions to these challenges.© Asger Krogsgaard, Chairman of Danske Slagterier and DMA, explains: “The common challenges the three organisations face means that determining the ideal operating structure for future success of the industry can best be achieved by a single organisation. Furthermore, the merger will result in increased efficiency and lower total costs for all our members.”

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