Danes want to keep their leading position in pig production

25-10-2011 | |
Danes want to keep their leading position in pig production

The Danish Pig Research Centre is confident about the future pig production in Denmark. This is the conclusion today at the Danish Pig Research Centre’s Annual Meeting.

 Together with 35 pigs per sow per year, the Danish Pig Research Centre wants to develop and employ pens for loose lactating sows and reduce the overall mortality by 20 percent before 2020.
“For about 10 to 15 percent of the Danish producers this is a mission impossible, but for the rest it’s possible,” said chairman Lindhart B. Nielsen (top photo) from Danish Pig Research Centre .
Also director Nicolaj H. Noergaard from the Danish Pig Research Centre is convinced of the Danish pig producer’s capability to survive.
“You are world-class pig producers, and it is important for us and the surroundings that we send out the signal that we are among the best pig producers in the world when it comes to environmental, health related and productivity related matters,” said Noergaard.
To keep the Danish pig producers in the leading position, Noergaard mentioned that the Danish Pig Research Centre  has launched a new project which means they can reach 35 pigs per year per sow. This can be done due to new breeding objects focused on maternal qualities among other things.
“At the same time we will focus on developing a farrowing pen for loose lactating sows without raising the mortality in the farrowing unit,” said Noergaard. But he pointed out that it has to be a safe pen for the piglets, before they can recommend loose lactating sows.
On top of that, the Danish Pig Research Centre wants to reduce the overall mortality by 20 percent before 2020. “We call it minus 20 in 20,” added Noergaard.
And both the chairman and the director are convinced that the Danish pig producers will keep their leading position.
“You can do it by using the technical knowledge and latest technology out in the stable. Therefore we and the politician have to give priority to research and development within the pig industry,” said Nielsen.
After the Annual Meeting there is a two day congress for pig producers with 94 speakers, all of whom will deliver a message about how the Danes will have to keep their leading position.
The Danish pig industry means quite a lot to the Danish society. In 2010 production was 28.6 million pigs. The overall value of pig production in 2010 was about €4.2 billion.
***Main photo: Chairman Lindhart B. Nielsen – Danish Pig Research Centre.
(By Asger Kjær Nielsen)