Dalehead Foods targeted by anti-cruelty campaign

12-12-2006 | |

Dalehead Foods has been targeted by anti-animal abuse protesters following a scandal in September when pigs had been boiled alive.

Approximately 30 people protested outside Dalehead Foods in Linton, UK, coinciding with International Animal Rights Day.

Dalehead Foods did confirm that pigs were placed into a water tank and were not properly slaughtered. They also said that the worker responsible for the incident had been fired.

Joan Court, Veteran campaigner, was among the protesters: “The principles of respect and non-violence are at the heart of animal rights. It’s not a question of putting animals before humans; it’s simply about respecting life. In a civilised society there is no need or justification for the horrific abuse suffered by millions of animals.”

Police attended the protest, which lasted over three hours, and reported that there were no disturbances or arrests.

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