Classical Swine Fever outbreak in Lithuania

07-07-2011 | |

The second outbreak of Classical Swine Fever in Lithuania during the current summer has been registered on Sunday at a pig farm of company Miva located in the village Lyutkunay Jonava district.

The pig farm has more than two thousand pigs, said the State Food and Veterinary Service of the country on Monday.
A month ago, in the same Jonava district, five kilometers from the present site, the Classical Swine Fever outbreak was detected at a farm owned by company Berzu kompleksas, in the Shilay village. Then, under the supervision of the Veterinary Service it destroyed about 23 thousand of pigs. Almost for two weeks all exports supplies from the country was banned.

On the farm of the Miva company specialists carried out tests as a part of pigs infection disease monitoring. Also  Reproductive and Respiratory Pigs’ Syndrome (PRRSV) was found in samples. This syndrome stimulates the virus that causes reproduction problems in sows and other pigs and piglets of different ages – a disease of the respiratory organs.

After further examination of samples Classical Swine Fever had been confirmed. All farm-raised pigs will be liquidated and utilised. The European Commission, the World Organization for Animal Health, and veterinary services of neighbouring countries have been informed about the situation.