Classical Swine Fever a threat to Belize

31-01-2012 | |
Classical Swine Fever a threat to Belize

On the border with Belize is Guatemala, where a major outbreak of Classical Swine Fever has been detected. Due to the proximity, Belize is under threat and adopting strict measures to prevent its introduction into the country.

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries have issued an alert informing the public about Guatemala’s outbreak and the current threat to Belize.  The public have also be asked to notify officials if they spot any pig disease symptoms or problems.

Belize is considered free of Classical Swine Fever, therefore there are measures currently being undertaken to prevent the introduction and spread of Classical Swine Fever to Belize.

BAHA in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture are making major efforts to not see the disease enter the country.  The measures currently being carried out include: public awareness, movement control, 24 hours inspection at the border, active surveillance in high risk areas, improved bio-security at farms, prohibition of the importation of live pigs and pork products from Guatemala and the cleaning and disinfection of trucks used for transporting livestock to Guatemala.