British minister launches pig meat task force

18-02-2009 | |

UK farming minister Jane Kennedy has announced a new task force to help secure the future of the British pig meat industry.

The so-called Pig Meat Supply Chain Task Force will be aimed at creating confidence and sustainability in the British pig sector and will try to bring together key representatives from players throughout the supply chain.

The Task Force will follow the suggestions of the parliamentary Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee and examine areas of concern. These may include labelling, public sector procurement, endemic disease, and better communications throughout the supply chain.

Speaking at the National Farmers Union’s annual conference in Birmingham, the farming minister said:

“The passion and commitment of Britain’s farmers is evident nowhere more than in the pig industry. And while many parts of the industry are highly organised, professional and forward thinking, it does face some serious problems and challenges.

“Everyone involved in the pig meat supply chain has a duty to ensure that there is a fair deal for all and that ultimately includes the consumer.

“Therefore, I am convening a task force for the pig meat supply chain, which will meet for the first time next month.

“The Task Force will be tightly focused on what needs to be done to improve confidence in the long term future of the British pig industry.”

The farming minister also launched a vision for anaerobic digestion, the process of breaking down organic material such as food waste and farm manures and slurries to create energy, heat and fuel.

Kennedy also announced a biogas task group to address these issues.

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