Britain’s youngest pig farmer, 15 yr old girl

06-10-2008 | |

A UK girl who once asked for piglets for her birthday is believed to have become Britain’s youngest pig farmer. The piglets were intended as pets, but one year on, Emma, now 15 has extended her herd. Every morning before school she spends an hour mucking out and feeding her growing herd of rare-breed pigs and does the same after she returns.

Berkshire piglets
After starting with two Berkshire piglets for her 14th birthday, she is now breeding pigs in a field at the back of the family home near Hereford. She has 20 rare-breed pigs from which seven have already been dispatched to the abattoir and the meat sold to parents of school friends and even her teachers.

One of the original Berkshires recently produced a litter of six, which have joined a growing herd of old English breeds including Tamworths, saddlebacks and middle whites. In order to look after them she has to get up every morning at 6am. Looking after pigs means Emma has to get her hands dirty, from helping to deliver piglets to packaging the meat and sausages.

Market stall
The next phase is to set up her own stall at Monmouth market in Gwent where she will sell sausages, bacon and joints of meat. She said: “It is sad to see them go but on the other hand I know they have had a good life and by selling pork I’m raising interest and helping to preserve a rare breed.”

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