BPEX: Thanks A Million!

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BPEX: Thanks A Million!

The vaccine voucher scheme being run by English association, BPEX has now hit the million mark in less than six months.

Since its launch in April, enough vouchers have been redeemed to treat the equivalent of 1.25 million pigs and BPEX has invested some £650,000 in the programme.

Funds far from depleted
The £1.5 million reserve funds that BPEX committed to the project are far from depleted. BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development Mark Wilson said: “We are now beginning to look at the huge amount of performance data from 1,100 completed voucher claim forms that have been returned to us, all is being collated and analysed.
“The way we are approaching the analysis and reporting back to producers is three-fold. We shall undertake a veterinary survey to assess the nationwide early indications of performance post PCV2 vaccination for November. “Then we shall analyse in depth a significant number of units with the best quality of information, this element will take us into the New Year.
“Post vaccination it takes time to see large scale results coming through from which we can draw confident conclusions. So, despite the April start date we are only just seeing the mass of vaccinated pigs coming through to finishing.
Individual results
“Finally at the end of the project each participating producer will receive a spreadsheet of their individual results showing the apparent value of the vaccine to their business. “By using the final two elements together, producers will be able to confidently work out the economic viability of vaccinating at full price.”

Although anecdotal evidence is dangerous and we must not rely on it, every indication from producers, vets, marketing groups and slaughter numbers is driving home the message that the PCV2 vaccines are working! The results of the study will be announced on the second day of the PVS autumn meeting which is being held jointly with BPEX and the NPA on November 14 at Beardsall Priory near Derby, England.

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