BPEX pig project into the millions

31-07-2008 | |

More than a million piglets have so far been vaccinated as part of a BPEX research project into PCV2.

The £1.5million PCV2 vaccine voucher scheme was launched in April and the take-up has been nothing short of phenomenal said BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development Mark Wilson.

The way things are going there should be enough money to see the scheme through to the end of the calendar year. Wilson said, “If it carries on the way it has been so far, it means by the end of the year approximately five million pigs will have been vaccinated.

“It does look as though the project is already having the desired effect as anecdotal evidence is saying pigs are finishing two weeks faster and producers are getting the equivalent of one extra pig sold per littler.

“Disease has been a major issue for the British pig industry and strenuous efforts have been made across the board to improve it.  “The pharmaceutical companies responsible for producing the vaccines have also been extremely supportive.

“Preliminary results of the study will be announced at on November 14, the second day of the PVS conference.”

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