BPEX: Pig project a huge success

17-11-2008 | |

A unique £1.5 million project involving national mass vaccination of pigs – something that has never been tried before – is proving a resounding success.

The project was looking at the value of vaccinating against PCV2 and the results are so important for the English pig industry, the preliminary findings are being announced immediately.

They were presented at the PVS autumn meeting using replies from vets responsible for 100,000 sows and 2,000,000 pigs to finish. The conclusion from the survey showed dramatic improvements in physical performance in all areas:
• increased weaned litter size up to half a piglet per litter;
• up to 5% lower nursery and 6% lower finishing mortalities.
• pigs were more uniform
• pigs reached finished weight up to 10 days earlier.

On top of the results, BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development Mark Wilson, had more good news. He said: “We planned for a nine-month project to end in December but I am delighted to announce the research project will be extended for another month. We will be writing to all those who have taken part with the good news.”

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