BPEX Live online workshop – swine dysentery

19-12-2011 | |

Communication throughout the supply chain is essential to prevent the spread of swine dysentery. On Monday, Riki Jaeger from Garth Partnership in Yorkshire outlined how swine dysentery can enter a pig unit and what can be done to prevent it.

 It was during the second BPEX Live online workshop, which had 36 people logged on from across the supply chain – pig producers, vets, and several others representing the allied industry and abattoirs.
BPEX discussed how hauliers and abattoirs can play their part, with an update on the cleaner lorries campaign. Click here to download the two presentations in full.
The best way to keep up-to-date with the status of any swine dysentery outbreak is to sign up to BPEX’s swine dysentery producer charter. The charter will provide producers with full details of outbreaks on other signed-up units in their area as soon as the confirmed reports are received. They will be updated via email, letter and text message.
To sign up to the swine dysentery producer charter, click here.