Bioenergy Asia Conference 2011 at VIV Asia

08-02-2011 | |

Nowadays crops are not only the basis for feed and food production, they are also used for a rising number of other applications.

Due to the rapidly expanding global population, increasing wealth and production, raw materials in general are scarce and the demand is booming. Particularly for crops. These developments need to be matched by higher productivity in agriculture and a far more efficient and diversified use of the crop itself.
For this reason the first Bioenergy Asia Conference is being organised. This top-notch event dedicated to the latest developments and perspectives in Asia regarding bioenergy in the palm oil, rice, sugar cane, tapioca, ethanol, animal protein and other agricultural sectors will be held on March 9 in Bangkok.
The Bioenergy Asia Conference is a new special theme at the VIV Asia 2011 exhibition, taking place at BITEC, Bangkok from March 9 to March 11. The organisers are NCC Exhibition Organizer (NEO), Thailand, and VNU Exhibitions Europe, the Netherlands. 
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