Big Dutchman products at VIV Asia 2011

09-02-2011 | |

Big Dutchman’s extensive product range includes simple installations as well as computer-controlled feeding systems, sophisticated climate controllers, hardware and software for computer-based house management as well as systems for exhaust air treatment and waste management.

At VIV Asia 2011, Big Dutchman launches a completely new technology such as Gasification System which transforms biomass, for example from poultry manure into energy, ViperTouch is the further developed climate and production computer that easily to operate touch screen, BigFarmNet – a technology in which all house applications and controllers are integrated in just one single solfware, SonoCheck is device for automatic pregnancy checking of sows in group housing which reduces the stress of ultrasound scanning to a minimum.
Also, PigWatch – a leading edge computerised AI management system to their product portfolio: The system monitors the heat status of each sow day and night and indicated the best possible moment for the insemination of sow.
Big Dutchman will be at VIV ASIA 2011, Booth No. H002 & K002