AveSui América Latina 2008

06-12-2007 | |

AveSui América Latina 2008 will be held from 13-15 May.

At the show, participants are invited to participate and learn more about the movement and new features surrounding the poultry, egg and swine industry of Latin America.
The show, permanently involved with the trends that stimulate the poultry and swine sectors, will take place in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil. Here, the most modern technologies and new features regarding nutrition, health, genetics, equipments, environmental, transport, meat processing, packaging segments and much more involving the productive chains of cut poultry, laying and of the swine will be displayed.

The exposition will take up a space of over 9,000 square metres for important companies of the poultry and swine sectors of Latin America and the world.

In 2008, AveSui will bring to its participants some new features, some incorporated in the amplification of the technical seminars, including lectures about pig cutting and processing, a panel for marketing and meat retail, discussions focused on biosecurity, piglet handling and much more..

For more information, visit www.avesui.com, or email avesui@gessulli.com.br

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