Aussie pig returns to remain high

30-12-2008 | |

Although supply of pig meat is extremely tight, pig prices in Australia are projected to remain high in 2009.

Australian Pork Limited chief executive officer Andrew Spencer says price rises have been very significant and mostly Australia-wide, with the exception of Western Australia and Tasmania.

“There’s a huge difference between what’s going on now and what was going on this time last year,” he said. “Last year we were looking at about $2.50/kilogram carcase weight, and it’s now $3.50/kg.”. While baconers make up most of the market, porkers have also risen about $1/kg in the past year.

“However, it is difficult to say what’s going to happen next year because the prices over the past six months have been unprecedented” according to Spencer. “I’ve never seen prices go up as much as they have in the past few months,” he said. “But the relatively low Australian dollar should help make Australian products more competitive on the international stage.

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