Air Line [2.0] feeds meets expectations

14-07-2009 | |

The so-called Air Line [2.0] feeds of Dutch cooperative Cehave Landbouwbelang have resulted in 7.5% improvement in feed profit for pig farmers.

Early expectations have been confirmed following a recent round-up of information from users of the Air Line® [2.0] pig feeds, which were introduced into the market in October 2008.

Apart from a 60% reduction in phosphate production in the manure, feed conversion improved to 2.0, average daily gain increased by 50 grams and mortality decreased 0.5%.

Feed costs per kg gain with the Air Line [2.0] feeds are equal to the regular feeds.

Added up all these advantages result in an financial improvement €12 per pig unit per year.

Cooked feed
Air Line feed is made with raw materials that contain low, but highly absorbable phosphate and nitrogen, which reduces phosphate levels in the manure by 60% and of nitrogen by 30%.

The company uses a Wenger Universal Pellet Cooker for expanding the raw materials and adds extra fats and oils after cooking. This way the energy level of the feeds is increased and feed efficiency on pig farms can improve to 2.0.

During an information exchange meeting Cehave Landbouwbelang presented these results to users and interested farmers.

A few farmers also presented their testimonials. Christian van Mook has a farm with 3,500 fatteners and feeds his pigs two-phase Air Line [2.0] feeds. “Health has significantly improved,” he says. “I also see a remarkable decrease in manure production.”

Johan de Bresser feeds his 3,000 fatteners Air Line [2.0] as an additionally feed dry and wet. “The homogeneity of the wet feed is remarkably good and the pigs look very healthy and grow well,” he says.

Fifty users
So far 50 pig farmers use Air Lin [2.0] on their farms. The number of users is still increasing. Some 60,000 pigs have been finished with this concept.

From the data supplied by the users it could be concluded that the feed results in a 50 gram extra daily gain, a energy-value (EW) improvement of 6% and 0.5% less mortality. By monitoring on energy value after 90 kg the meat percentage could be kept at level.

Cehave Landbouwbelang now also manufactures a fully vegetable Air Line [2.0] starter feed, intended for those marketing concepts that do not allow the use of animal fats.