Addcon granted registration in Canada

26-01-2009 | |

Addcon reports that it has been granted registration for K-Diformate to be used as an acidifier in swine rations in Canada. “After a long process, the registration rights for K-Diformate have been changed from BASF to Addcon”, says Dr. Horst Auerbach, Addcon R&D Director.

“Swine producers in Canada have been using K-Diformate very successfully already. We will continue this cooperation and find also new partners to use this effective and sustainable product”, continues Dr. Auerbach.
The Addcon group has been producing the K-Diformate for years. In 2008, also marketing and sales have moved from BASF to Addcon.

Addcon’s K-Diformate is sold in Europe under the brand name FORMI®. The product has been the first registered, non antibiotic growth promoter in the European Union.

The German based group of companies is specialised in “Green Chemistry”. In its sites in Germany and Norway, Addcon adds value to organic acids and its salts. All products have in common, that they are biodegradable and thus have minimal impact on the environment.

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