50% Import tax cuts for Dominican pig farmers

04-03-2010 | |

Dominican Republic customs director Rafael Camilo has announced a 50% reduction on import fees for the country’s poultry and pig farmers, the Domincan Today reports.

The aim is to protect the poultry and pig sector, a well as to cause lower prices of important staples for the Dominican population.

Tariff payment
“We’ve applied a 50% reduction in tariff payments on imports of raw material and machinery used to produce chicken and port, as well as eggs, as a way to reduce production costs and maintain the local market prices on those mass consumption items,” he said.

With this measure, Camilo says the government aims to protect not just producers, but also the food production for the population.

“We have reached an agreement through the route of the value, to help in the payment of the import and other taxes, for which we are taking this administrative measure,” he added.

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