2TS Finisher Challenge: Prizes offered

02-03-2012 | |

There are 10 prizes up for grabs by pig producers in the 2TS Finisher Challenge, thanks to sponsorship from Elanco Animal Health.

The objective of the challenge is to identify any ‘lost potential’ in finishing herds and work on these areas for improved performance and profitability – to help the English pig industry achieve the two-tonne sow target.
The two producers who make the most progress will each win a top-of-the-range tablet computer – one will go to the best contract finisher and one to the best breeder-finisher producer.
There will also be regional prizes for eight more units across England, two in each of the regions.
Prizes will be awarded based on the highest percentage improvements in feed conversion ratio, average daily gain and mortality. Performance recording is an important part of the challenge and the BPEX knowledge transfer team will be helping producers with this.
BPEX’s Lis Ravn said: “We’re thrilled that Elanco has offered to sponsor prizes for the Challenge and appreciate their support. It is all about working together and the objectives of Elanco’s Full Value Pig programme tie in nicely with our Finisher Challenge.”
The Full Value Pig programme is another good way for producers to monitor their finishing herd performance and identify where changes, often small, can be made. Any producers undertaking the Full Value Pig Programme will automatically be included in the 2TS Finisher Challenge too.
Visit www.bpex.org.uk/2ts/finishing for more details or contact a knowledge transfer manager. Outcomes from the project will be presented at the Autumn 2TS Focus on Finishing conferences.

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