Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up June: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up June: What s new in the world of pigs?

A range of new products for swine producers hit the market in June 2021, including various pig health products. Plus: Charoen Pokphand Foods steps up to help the Philippine swine industry and both Novus as well as Verba have reason to celebrate this year.

Livisto launches Tullavis in Europe

Tullavis, now launched in Europe by pharmacy company, Livisto, is a long-acting tulathromycin solution for pigs for injection in 25 mg/mL and 100 mg/mL. Tulathromycin has, according to the company, demonstrated rapid absorption, distribution and bioavailability in lung tissue, and shows antimicrobial activity against respiratory pathogens, including M. hyo, H. parasuis, A. pleuropneumoniae, P. multocida and B. bronchiseptica.

Berg + Schmidt develop feed additive for biosecurity

German animal nutrition company Berg + Schmidt have developed the LipoVital product range consisting of nutritional feed additives to support gut health and the immune system of livestock, and to reduce the level of pathogens. The components are based on various monoglycerides, medium-chain fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides, so this is a natural means of biosecurity.

SwineTech launches PigFlow

US based ag tech company SwineTech has introduced PigFlow, which the company says is the world’s first digital workforce and swine management platform to improve herd survivability and streamline labour efficiencies. The platform enables producers to implement, track, and adjust on-farm processes from any place at any time.

Zoetis launches CircoMax Myco against PCV2

Zoetis has launched CircoMax Myco in the EU. According to the company, the vaccine is the only one that includes 2 Porcine Circovirus type 2 (PCV2) genotypes, providing broader coverage against PCV2 and combined protection against PCV2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

ABN develops feed for hyperprolific sows

British manufacturer of pig and poultry compound feed, ABN has developed a new range of pig breeder feeds, Delta Nutrio, which the company says meets the heightened nutrient demands of the hyperprolific sow. The product was introduced to the UK market on 1 May 2021.

PIC to implement Fertiboar technology

PIC is implementing new Fertiboar technology in its largest boar multiplier farm in Germany. This technology provides opportunities to predict boar semen quality based on testicular ultrasound measures prior to first semen collection to identify boars with the best semen quality and select these boars for placement in Gene Transfer Centers.

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

PIC, together with AgroVision, also announced the implementation of their cloud-based data exchange between PICtraq, a genetic database uses to store information of millions of pigs, and PigVision, AgroVision’s online farrow-to-finish management system. This data exchange provides users with an automated data exchange of all breeding and growing events needed for the calculation of breeding values.

CPF Philippines partners to revive hog industry

An agreement has been signed between CPF Philippines and the Development Bank of the Philippines to support the Department of Agriculture to revive the country’s swine industry through the “Swine Rehabilitation, Repopulation and Recovery Credit”, or the Swine R3 programme, which will finance bio-secured farm projects.

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

BI: Artificial intelligence for disease detection

Animal health company Boehringer Ingelheim has entered into a partnership with London-based Lifebit Biotech to utilise artificial intelligence using real-world data harvested from scientific publications and other open sources for the detection and early-reporting of global disease outbreaks, allowing R&D efforts to be prioritised.

Elanco announces exit of 3 manufacturing sites

Elanco Animal Health has entered into an agreement with TriRx Pharmaceuticals for the sale of the Shawnee site in Kansas, USA, and the Speke site in the UK. The company is also consolidating manufacturing operations in Latin America, ceasing operations at the manufacturing site in Belford Roxo, Brazil, transferring operations to their Santa Clara site in Mexico, and a contract manufacturer in Brazil.

Biogénesis Bagó expands its antigen and vaccine facilities

Argentina-based biotechnology company Biogénesis Bagó has inaugurated a cryopreservation room that substantially increases its Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) antigen bank storage capacity. The company’s new FMD antigen and vaccine bank is a strategic reserve of concentrated viral antigen cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen that allows the company to produce high quality emergency vaccine within 5 to 6 days.

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Tetracore: New FMD test kit

Tetracore announced the licensing of their VetAlert Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus (FMDv) RNA diagnostic test kit by the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB). According to the company It is one of the 1st licensed FMD diagnostic kits that can be manufactured on the US mainland, critical for a rapid response in the event of an FMD outbreak. The diagnostic kit provides animal health first responders with a tool to mitigate the economic and animal welfare impacts of an FMD outbreak.

Novus International celebrates 30 years

It was party time at Novus International as on June 6, the feed additives company celebrated 30 years in the global animal protein feed market. The company was founded in 1991 with a mission “to make a clear difference in sustainability meeting the growing global need for nutrition and health.”

50th anniversary of feeder manufacturer Verba

One more anniversary in 2021 as pig feeding equipment company Verba is celebrating its 50th year of existence. The Dutch company was founded in Nijnsel in May 1971 by pig farmer Bert Verbakel, who founded his company in shed equipment for pig farming. At the moment the family business produces over 200 different types of feeders, piglet nests and floor heating panels. The company will celebrate the anniversary later this year.

Adisseo launches International Research Grant

Adisseo’s research grant will offer € 1 million for the next 3 years to fund research projects tackling some of the main feed industry challenges and encouraging international labs to collaborate. The pre-selected research projects will be announced by the end of July 2021.

Hamlet Protein participates in Sino-Danish roundtable

Hamlet Protein participated in the Sino-Danish roundtable meeting that focused on opportunities for the swine industry to improve performance, quality, and animal health in pig production. The event was hosted by the Danish Embassy in China and welcomed participants from government, academia, Danish and Chinese industries.

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Nutreco to acquire Bigsal Nutrição Animal in Brazil

Nutreco has signed an agreement to acquire Bigsal, a Brazilian animal nutrition company headquartered in Rondônia, from an affiliate of HIG Capital, an alternative investment firm. The acquisition will strengthen the position of Nutreco’s animal nutrition division, Trouw Nutrition, in the Brazilian market.

Kent Nutrition to distribute Nutrition21’s Chromax

Nutrition company Nutrition21 has partnered with Kent Nutrition Group, an Iowa-based animal feed producer. Kent Nutrition Group will become the exclusive distributor of Chromax chromium tripcolintae in swine feeds.

Carcass shredder for swine disposal

A patented product, a carcass shredder developed by ACCS and Perozin, shreds dead pigs before going to the biodigester or composter. The machine transforms the dead animal into a paste. With the shredder, the farmworker will no longer need to dismember the dead animal manually to speed up the decomposition process.

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Russia: Agros 2021 attracts over 6,000 farmers

Over 6,000 professional farmers visited DLG’s Agros, the international trade fair for animal husbandry, breeding and fodder production in Russia. Doors opened in Moscow from 18-20 May 2021, attracting manufacturers and suppliers from Russia and 22 other countries.

Wrapping up June: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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