New tool to simplify pig vaccination protocol decisions

21-11-2014 | | |
New tool to simplify pig vaccination protocol decisions

Merck Animal Health has developed a new online tool, which is designed to help pig producers better understand the factors that can influence vaccination protocol decision making.

With the decision tree tool, producers answer a series of operation-specific questions, including types of weaning facilities, disease challenges, preferences of vaccination timing and frequency, and the history of the herds’ immune system responses. Based on the confidential information submitted and the individual needs of that operation, the programme generates a suggested vaccination protocol, which the producer can discuss with the veterinarian. In addition, a recommendation for a Circumvent G2 product that fits within the suggested protocol is provided.

“This tool helps streamline the decision making that goes into formulating the most effective vaccination plan,” says Jack Creel, D.V.M., Merck Animal Health senior swine technical services manager. “By simplifying the process, producers can work more efficiently with their veterinarian and focus their valuable time and attention on other areas of the business.”

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