More research needed into MRSA bacteria

14-03-2007 | | |

Research to the so-called MRSA bacteria in the Netherlands should not only be carried out in pig industry, but in all other sectors of livestock industry as well.

Dutch microbiologist Sander Leenders suggested this after the finding of the Methicillin Resistant Streptococcus Aureus (MRSA) bacteria in a Dutch poultry farmer, 60, and in five other adults at two more poultry farms.

Hospital bacteria

Last year, the MRSA bacteria, also known as ‘hospital bacteria’ became a problem in the Netherlands, as the bacteria could seriously affect already weakened hospital patients – even resulting in death.

Recent research revealed that the bacteria was found in about 40% of the pigs as well, after which more research was announced to investigate the exact relationship between pigs and the highly infectuous bacteria.


According to Leenders, whose discovery was published in Infectieziektenbulletin  by the The Netherlands Health Care Inspectorate, this research should be broadened to all sectors of animal husbandry, in order to get a total picture.

“It is important to know in which animals the bacteria exist and in which they do not. At the moment a research is carried out with pig farmers and fattening calves. This however, does not supply a complete picture. As soon as we do, we could start looking for causes of the infection.”