Podcast: Biosecurity innovation in the swine industry

12-04-2022 | |
Podcast: Biosecurity innovation in the swine industry

In this 55th episode of the Real P3 podcast, Dr Casey Bradley speaks again to entrepreneur, Jeb Gent, co-founder of Ascension Ag. In this second part of a 2-part series, Gent talks about biosecurity, disinfection, and how to control and mitigate disease in swine facilities.

The Real P3 podcast series is an initiative where pork professionals from around the globe share their thoughts, insights, and solutions to their day-to-day challenges in the pig farming and production industry.

Having grown up in Iowa and coming from a farming family, Gent has a history in the swine sector and officially joined the swine world after completing a bachelor of science, agriculture and biology.

Removing organic matter should be the first step in getting anything clean, says Gent, and to get rid of fats and oils, and manure off the walls and equipment.

Dirty market trailers and biolateral spread within a production system were the focus of Gent’s work and inspired the creation of Ascension Ag’s dry powder livestock hygiene powder, ChloraSorb, which disinfects facilities and vehicles. He discusses factors including contact time, temperature, type of disinfection, and also highlights some important points on the use of power washers, flow rate and dosage.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist
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