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Keeping grow-finisher pigs healthy is what is on the menu at an upcoming webinar on the last day of October. On Tuesday, 31 October, the webinar will start at 11am CET and is free to attend.

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In the past many potential health issues could be avoided by the use of tools like antibiotics or zinc oxide, to name a few. These days, however, increasingly there’s much more attention for preventing health issues to occur, through better biosecurity, decent nutrition and vaccination. The industry has learnt that pig production can be done healthier by building better circumstances.

Keeping pathogens out

The first speaker in this webinar is going to be Dr Tijs Tobias, attached to Royal-GD, an organisation in the Netherlands supporting animal and livestock health through laboratory tests and research, surveillance, consultancy and many additional services.

He will discuss health challenges for grower and finisher pigs and will also delve into methods to prevent that those pathogens actually get in contact with the pigs.

Avoiding health issues with feed additives

A method involving the nutritional route will be discussed by speaker Aurélie Montagnon, attached to feed additives company Orffa. She will discuss the 11 organ systems important to manage pig health and delve into the beneficial effects of e.g. phytobiotics, emulsifiers, selenium, mycotoxins and trace minerals.


Lung health scoring

Lung health scoring is the topic of the presentation of Dr Roman Krejci, on behalf of Ceva Animal Health. He will discuss the methodology of lung lesion scoring, something that is happening post mortem at the slaughterline. This helps diagnosing lung problems and can help preventing problems by applying control measures. In addition, the method helps benchmarking farms in terms of lung health results.

Starting time of the webinar

The webinar will start on 31 October at 11am CET. That time corresponds with the following:

  • Des Moines, IA, USA: 5am
  • New York, NY, USA: 6am
  • São Paulo, SP, Brazil: 7am
  • London, UK: 10am
  • Kyiv, Ukraine: noon
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 5pm
  • Beijing, China: 6pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 7pm
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia: 9pm
  • Auckland, New Zealand: 11pm

The entire webinar can be viewed back at a later moment for free.

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