Webinar Pig Health: No antibiotics ever

Pig Progress featured a highly interesting webinar focused on the theme of ‘No antibiotics ever’, with contributions from our partners Perstorp and Dupont.  To start off – using ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ is a goal, an ideal. After all, working with livestock is always a matter of biology and nothing ever occurs exactly by the book. Should unexpected health problems occur, it is also a sign of good stockmanship and animal welfare to help the animals if a solution is available. That can sometimes mean that antibiotics are necessary.

That doesn’t mean, however, that ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ is impossible. It can be a guideline, a goal to achieve, by laying out the best production standards possible, by providing the best type of feeding and by trying conscientiously to keep all pathogens out as much as possible. This webinar was held on Tuesday, September 17. 


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jobke van hout

Critical factors to keep antibiotics use low
Jobke van Hout, DVM, PhD, Royal GD. 

The webinar will be kicked off by a very insightful presentation by Dr Jobke van Hout. The Deventer, the Netherlands-based organisation provides animal health expertise, research and development, diagnostics and comprehensive animal health solutions.

Dr Van Hout, who obtained her PhD from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, will delve into recent developments with regard to antibiotic reduction in the Netherlands. She will also explain about recent and ongoing research carried out to critical factors to keep antibiotics low (and reduce these even further) on sow farms in the Netherlands.

sofia rengman

Feed hygiene and gut health: focus areas to reach NAE
Dr Sofia Rengman, business development manager Perstop

Dr Sofia Rengman will zoom in on the topic of ‘feed hygiene and gut health’, being 2 focus areas in order to reach the goal of ‘no antibiotics ever’.
She received a master of science in Biology in 2004 and in 2009 a PhD in Zoological Cell Biology, both at Lund University, Sweden. At Perstorp, Dr Rengman is transforming science into products well matched with the market needs when it comes to enhancing feed hygiene, animal gut health and performance.


deepak Velayudhan

Nutritional health strategies without antibiotics
Dr Deepak Velayudhan, Swine scientist Dupont

A practical understanding of nutribiosis. How a holistic approach to gut health helps producers improve performance, increase liveability and support welfare in NAE production.

Dr Deepak E Velayudhan is the swine scientist with the Innovation team at DuPont Animal Nutrition, a division of Dupont Nutrition and Biosciences. Deepak joined Dupont in 2018 and is based in Dupont’s Leiden office in The Netherlands. He is responsible for the animal studies associated with new product development and registration. Deepak holds a PhD in swine nutrition from University of Manitoba, Canada and a DVM degree from India.  

vincent ter beek
Webinar host
Vincent ter Beek, host and editor Pig Progress
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