Piglet Health

Nowhere in the pork production chain pigs are as vulnerable as when they are piglets. Challenges are everywhere. Keeping all piglets healthy from start right through weaning is therefore a challenge not to be underestimated. In this section the focus is on the piglet’s health. When are they healthy and how can we keep them that way?

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In modern production facilities, with high production figures, anaemia has become an issue once more.

Look out for the iron gap

Anaemia in piglets as a result of iron deficiency was thought to be something of the past by supplying iron in...

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Weaning into straw also solves a lot of problems, as it reduces        some of the environmental and temperature control stresses.

The role of zinc in piglet health

Zinc can be used in two ways in piglets – as an essential nutrient (in low dosage) and as a therapeutic...