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US: Number of pigs increased

US farms have seen an increase in hogs and pigs, with an upward move of 1%, according to the US Department of Agriculture report which was released this week. The 1% increase is up from a year ago. Other increases were also seen...


The numbers below is as of 1 September 2011.
Expectations surpassed
According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) the size of the US hog and pig herd is 66.6 million head, up 1% from September 2010. This increase reported by the USDA surpasses analysts expectations, as it was thought that the likely growth would be 0.5% more than the previous year.
Anothe increase is the swine breeding herd at 1 September, which came in at 5.81 million head, up 1% from a year ago. Analysts expected about 5.78 million head.
Taking into account the five year average - the total hog and pig herd is 1.4% above the five year average and the swine breeding herd is reported as 2.4% below it.
Also seeing an increase:
  • Hogs kept for marketing totals 60.8 million head, up 1% from a year ago.
Average number of pigs per litter for the three-month period (June-August 2011 ) was 10.03 compared to 9.81 last year, up 2.2% compared to a year ago. ***See full report here (PDF)
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