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Chelated trace minerals improve nursery pig development

Research shows compelling evidence that a chelated form of organic copper contributes to optimal piglet performance.

Supplementing nursery pigs with Novus’ Mintrex Cu chelated trace mineral significantly improved daily gain by 3% and feed conversion ratio by 2.6% versus other forms of trace minerals, according to a recent meta-analysis of available study results.

The results showed that weaned pigs fed this chelated trace mineral had a reduction in diarrhoea incidence by 23%, as compared to other trace mineral forms. These pigs, now in the growing-finishing phase fed the supplement experienced an improved immune response and improved digestibility in a basic corn-soybean diet.

Research has proven that Mintrex Cu delivers more bioavailable trace mineral to the small intestine than other leading organic trace minerals. The more bioavailable a mineral is, the lower the dietary concentration needed and the less mineral excreted to the environment. Increased bioavailability reduces feed costs and minimises nutrient waste.

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