Big Dutchman launching energy management system for pig farms

Livestock equipment company Big Dutchman launches the new FarmPower-Manager at the upcoming edition of EuroTier, helping managers of agricultural operations to recognise the savings potentials on their farm.

The programme is described as 'the first energy management system for livestock producers'. It comes equipped with a PC programme which centrally collects information about the consumption of electrical energy and concisely displays the relevant data. The system analyses rate-based costs in real-time and calculates forecasts of future consumption. This way energetic weaknesses can be identified and the production can be optimised in regard to cost-intensive energy peaks.

Data sources
The Big Dutchman software combines multiple data sources. This includes the energy consumption of individual processes in the house, but also the consumption of entire houses or of an entire farm complex. These are combined with data such as type of, number of or age of the animals so that the consumption data per animal, per house or per system or farm can be compared on a mutual basis. It is also possible to record and integrate weather data, data from climate sensors or the energy produced on the farm, for example from wind or solar generators or a biogas plant.

The managing system allows farm managers to switch off irrelevant devices or switch to generator-powered operation. It is also possible to conduct profitability analyses based on the consumption thus enabling the farm manager to plan for an energetically optimised future. The system also supports the standardised IsoAgriNet interface.

The programme is awarded a EuroTier silver medal. Big Dutchman can be found in Hall 9, C24 and in Hall 11, D21. EuroTier will be held in Hanover, Germany, from 13 through 16 November, 2012.

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