Thai pigs free of 'blue-ear' disease

Exports of live swine remain at normal levels as no outbreak of the “blue ear” disease has been detected on Thai pig farms, reports Preecha Somboonprasert, department chief, Livestock Development Department, following reports from Cambodia that had banned pig imports after the blue-ear disease were smuggled into the country from Vietnam, infecting other pigs.

The Livestock Development Department says Thailand exported 200,000 live pigs to Cambodia last year worth 12 billion baht and 80,000 live pigs worth 6,000 baht each in the first half of this year, and no outbreak of the disease had been reported among them.
“Thai pig farms have generally adopted a standardised farming system and exporting live pigs to Cambodia requires prior approval to move them and disease-free certification from the Livestock Development Department, says Preecha.

(By Joyce Rainat)




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