Prairie Swine Centre: 2009 Report - Providing solutions through original research

The Centre's Mandate reinforces what we do each day 'To produce and distribute knowledge derived through original research, scientific review and economic analysis' notes Dr. Harold Gonyou, Research Scientists in Ethology and Research Director at Prairie Swine Centre.

“Our Original Research is compiled each year and published for the pork industry in our Annual Research Report. This document highlights the key findings for the year in nutrition, engineering and applied behaviour science taking place at the Centre.”
Dr. Gonyou points to examples of how the Centre delivers original research “One of our key measures we use to assess our effectiveness is the list of scientific conclusions developed over the year – this year there were 24.
That is 24 new, scientifically valid advances in understanding pork production that we did not know last year. Some of this new knowledge provides us a better understanding of basic pig gut function such as the work on pea diets changing gut fermentation and decreasing nitrogen excretion, other trials provided a clear understanding of production problems and potential solutions – such as we found when looking at the stress pigs experience inside various compartments of livestock transport trucks, or the comparison of forced-air versus radiant heaters in grow-finish rooms.”
The complete 52 page report can be found on the Prairie Swine Centre's website under publications, click here for the 2009 report…(PDF)
Now that the scientific conclusions have been assembled, the next step is further analysis of economic impact so that individuals can assess the payback of adopting some of these findings.
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